Man suffering back ache moving boxes

Back Injury Signals

Unfortunately, many occupations such as nursing, construction and factory work can place significant demands on your back. Even routine office work can cause or worsen back pain. There are many factor that can contribute to back pain at work

Warning sign slippery

Falls can occur almost anywhere, from slipping on water and spilled ice on restaurant floors to falling from ladders or roofing. The truth is that most of us will suffer a fall at some point in our lives and it most likely won’t be your fault.  Accidents are especially troublesome, because they can happen anywhere […]

Be Cautious

You should know that no matter where you are working, there is always the risk of getting hurt. Whether you work in a big business or a small business the potential dangers are still there. Injuries like neck injuries, knee injuries, broken bones, back injuries, and brain injuries. Don’t let your injury take a toll […]


Many employees are in fear to report injuries. A work related injury or incident at the work place is in fact a terrifying experience but you should know that you are not alone. One of the most important things you a can do is report it. When an injury is not reported on time, it […]

In California rainy days are not usually a huge issue, but storms can sometimes cause injuries that can be prevented. As we all know, Southern Californians are not known for their amazing rainy day driving techniques. It’s a running joke here that everyone breaks in Los Angeles when it starts to rain. In some case […]

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