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When potential clients call our law firm, Dial & Associates, with questions, we are happy to help. Our office is accessible in many languages: our staff members Maria, Jennifer, and Deanna speak Spanish as well as our attorney at law, Stephen Dial. Stephen Dial is also fluent in Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Italian. We can answer your questions about hiring an attorney and pursuing benefits and claims. Our team in Orange County focuses on workers’ compensation claims with expert knowledge and more than 35 years of experience.

We wanted to share the answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear:


  1. Is speaking with Dial & Associates confidential?

Yes, your call with Dial & Associates is completely confidential. Your legal situation with or without papers does not matter and all information will stay between you and your lawyer.


  1. Could I qualify for a lifetime monthly income if I have a closed workers’ compensation case?

Yes. A Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund, or SIBTF provides monthly financial support to Californians who have had previous health issues, such as injuries due to birth defects, accidents, military injuries, or disease, and then have sustained a work injury. In order to qualify for this monthly income, you must have a preexisting impairment which is a result of an accident, disease, or congenital condition. The disability must exceed 50% of the body. Your pre-existing impairment must be, or likely be, an obstacle to your employment.

A lawyer who focuses on workers’ compensation will know best if you could be eligible for SIBTF. Attorney Stephen Dial will be able to determine if you have a case, based on the law and the circumstances of your injury. You can also read more about SIBTF in this free eBook.


  1. What’s the most important thing to do if I’ve been injured at work?

Report your injury to your employer right away—do not wait even one day.

Reporting your injury immediately allows for early investigation of the cause of the injury and helps company prevent future injuries. It also helps you get the proper care and work adjustments for your injury. Your employer needs to be able to investigate the injury fully within 30 days for you to maintain your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Ask your employer for a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1).

Fill out the form immediately. Then, submitting the form to your employer opens your workers’ compensation case and begins the process of finding the benefits you may qualify for under state law. Make sure to ask for your own copy of the completed form signed by your employer.

Having your own copy is the way you can resolve any disagreements between you and the claims administrator over the cause of your injury, your medical treatment, and if you should receive permanent disability benefits. If you have given the form to your employer, it will be presumed that your injury was caused by work if your claim is denied within 90 days of giving your employer the form. You can also qualify for up to $10,000 under medical treatment guidelines while your claim is being considered.

Ask your employer to be sent to an industrial clinic for treatment.

Be aware that you will be required to take a drug test during your examination. If your employer does not have a preference for where you are going to be treated, go to your local emergency room and tell them you were injured on the job. Provide them with your employer’s information.

If you are undocumented or don’t have health insurance at the time of the accident or illness, you can still qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. You needn’t worry about involving the state, because California law does not allow inquiry into immigration status in such circumstances. You can also seek legal help at Dial & Associates in Orange County without papers. Read more about Dos and Don’ts for workplace injuries in our free eBook or call our office at (714) 279-8055.


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