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Falls Can Occur Almost Anywhere

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Falls can occur almost anywhere, from slipping on water and spilled ice on restaurant floors to falling from ladders or roofing. The truth is that most of us will suffer a fall at some point in our lives and it most likely won’t be your fault.  Accidents are especially troublesome, because they can happen anywhere to anyone.

Employers are required by workers’ compensation law to keep the workplace safe and clean. They must also provide warnings for any dangerous conditions if it can’t immediately be addressed. Although as an employee you should look after your own health and safety as well as paying attention to what effects your actions could have on others. Slips and falls account for many of the accidents which occur in workplaces throughout California each year even though they are one of the simplest types of accidents at work to avoid. Have you been injured at your work place from a slip and fall accident? Well with our law firm, you’ll get experienced, successful legal professionals who have the resources to win your case. Our team will be with you from start to finish. Don’t get stuck paying medical bills from an accident caused by somebody else.

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