Have You Hurt Your Back at Work?

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Sustaining a back injury can happen in many ways, especially in jobs that work with equipment, machines, and on scaffolding. In these jobs, lifting or moving heavy objects can put excessive weight on your back and injure it. Repeating the same movements when working with machinery also puts your back at risk. In addition, tense and overworked muscles are more likely to get injured. Aside from these situations, any worker can experience slipping, falling, and hurting their back on the job.

Know your rights if you have injured your back at work. It is illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for getting injured at work, for filing a workers’ compensation claim, or for testifying in a co-worker’s compensation case. It is very important to tell your employer about your injury within 30 days or they may not be able to fully investigate your injury, making you lose your right to get workers’ compensation benefits. If you are undocumented or don’t have health insurance at the time of the accident or illness, you can still qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. You needn’t worry about involving the state, because California law does not allow inquiry into immigration status in such circumstances. Orange County workers’ comp lawyer Stephen Dial can help you legally. You can come to Stephen Dial’s law firm at Dial & Associates PC in Orange County with or without papers. Dial & Associates has been successfully handling workers’ compensation claims for many years.

Even though most back pain goes away on its own in a few weeks, if you have a serious injury and need emergency treatment, ask your employer for the clinic they prefer. If they don’t have a preference where you get treated, go to the emergency room, make sure to tell them you were injured on the job, and give them your employer’s information.

Fill out the DWC-1 form right away and submit it to your employer. Ask for a copy once it’s signed by your employer, and you should hear from the claims administrator within 14 days if your claim has been accepted or if it needs more investigation. If your employer has not accepted or denied your work claim within 90 days since you submitted the form, it will be assumed that your injury was caused by work. You could qualify for up to $10,000 in treatment while your claim is being considered. Read more about qualifications and requirements for back injury compensation in our informative eBook.

Stephen Dial is an experienced lawyer focusing on worker’s compensation claims in Orange County, and can help you through the process and guide you through the workers’ compensation system. Dial & Associates PC will help increase the likelihood that you get the maximum benefits for your case. We offer free consultations and charge no fee unless we recover benefits for you. Call today at 714-279-8055.

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