Important Things to Know About a Deposition

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A deposition is your statement about how you got injured, treatment and how your injury has affected your life. It is a statement under oath, which means that you will swear to tell the truth under penalty of perjury. You could be criminally libel if you do not tell the truth.

You are probably wondering why you are being deposed. It just means the defense attorney wants to gather information about you and your case. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will be there with you during your deposition to protect your rights. Which means if you have not yet hired an attorney, you will be on your own without anyone to defend or protect your rights during your deposition.

There is a pattern the workers’ compensation deposition follows to establish your identity.

  • They will ask you about your background including your job history.
  • If you ever had any work accidents before or injuries outside of work.
  • If you have ever made any claim for these injuries.
  • How your current work accident happened.
  • What treatment you are getting and how the injury is affecting your daily life.

A court reporter will be at your deposition transcribing the questions and your answers. You will get a chance to review the deposition transcript and make slight corrections if needed. It is very important to give a truthful testimony with clear answers, so think before you answer. A deposition is nothing to fear, it can help your case. Your attorney is on your side and will be there throughout the deposition to defend you and protect your rights.

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