Keeping Teens Safe at Work

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Is your teen looking for that important summer job? The last thing on their mind is workplace safety, but it should be an important consideration for anyone when choosing a job.

Young workers are more likely to experience a job-related injury than an older worker. Stay involved in his or her activities by asking questions about their work environment. Be persistent about asking how their workplace is, how their training went, workplace cleanliness and if they feel safe and comfortable at work.

Below is a list of jobs that are most dangerous for teen workers, the newly employed, and those who have little experience in a work environment.

Lawn service jobs. Workers often use dangerous tools and machinery such as tractors, chainsaws and hazardous pesticides and fertilizers.

Restaurant jobs. Nearly 30% of employees in this industry are under 20 years of age. They are exposed to hot surfaces and dangerous heat sources with risks of serious burns.

Delivery jobs. Workers can injure themselves reaching for and lifting heavy loads while unloading and stacking supplies for restaurants. The risk of injury increases if workers do heavy lifting in awkward postures. They can be exposed to strains and sprains, slips and falls, and heat and cold exposures.

Construction-related work. In construction, workers are constantly dealing with excessive noise, electrical tasks, and working at high heights without adequate training. Unstable working surfaces, misuse or failures to use fall protection equipment and human error are additional risks on the job.

Cuts, burns, and sprains are common workplace injuries for young workers, but they can also suffer more serious harm such as concussions, broken bones and amputations.

Training, diligence and proper safety equipment are instrumental for reducing workplace accidents and injuries when it comes to bringing workers home safe.

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