Protect Your Family in the Case of a Workplace Injury

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If you’ve been injured on the job, and you don’t know what to do, you have a few choices: do nothing, depend on the advice of your employer, struggle on your own, or seek the advice of a law firm that will fight for the rights and benefits for you and your family.

The experienced and knowledgeable attorney at Dial and Associates protects families impacted by a workplace injury by helping them get the appropriate medical treatment. This is essential so they can get back to work, protect their future rights, and secure their rightful benefits such as time loss, loss of earning power, and permanent partial disability payments. Here are several reasons for hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney:

Evaluating the Claim. One of the important services that a work injury lawyer can provide is an initial case evaluation. Determining how much a case is worth is impossible without the aid of a workers’ comp attorney who can evaluate the facts of a case, as well as the evidence available to the injured party.

You might lose your benefits if you don’t follow the rules. It’s extremely important to attend doctor’s appointments and imperative to treat because if you don’t, you will jeopardize your case. Make sure you are compliant with the recommendations given by your treating physician because you could risk losing your medical benefits. This will have a big impact on not only your workers’ compensation claim, but also your overall health.

Protect your Legal Rights. When you try to handle your work injury claim alone and deal with the adjuster directly, you may not be completely aware of your legal rights. The adjuster may try to tell you that your claim is not legitimate when it is. When you have the help an attorney, they can prevent the insurance company from treating you unfairly.

Worker’s compensation law is unique and complex. You need someone who truly understands the worker’s compensation system handling your workers’ compensation claim. Dial and Associates takes the stress out of your claim and handles the daily paperwork and management of the claim, so the injured worker can focus on their health and recovery. Stress from a claim often frustrates injured workers and delays recovery.

Thirdparty liability cases changes everything. If you were injured by a third party while on the job, the case becomes even more complicated. In these cases, an injured employee could file a claim against the responsible party for additional damages, such as pain and suffering. This situation arises most often on construction sites where employees who are working for several different contractors all working on the same site. Often these types of cases involve opening both a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim. You’ll want a legal team with the proper experience and knowledge to handle both claims.

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If you were injured at work and do not want the stress of handling a workers’ compensation claim on your own, we have many years of experience representing those who have been injured on-the-job. We know how this complicated legal process works and we are prepared to fight for you and help you receive the benefits that you deserve for your injuries.

To speak with an attorney now, call Dial and Associates at (714) 279-8055. There’s no fee or obligation, and we’re here to answer all your legal questions.

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