Protecting Your Rights

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Recently a new client brought in paperwork he had received prior to retaining me from his employer’s insurance company.  I read through the letters he received and saw that the insurance company had scheduled a QME appointment for the injured worker. QME is a qualified medical examiner who is a physician who evaluates your injuries when there are questions about what benefits you should receive.

The insurance company’s claims adjuster had written a letter to the QME which was extremely one-sided, not factual and biased.  If the injured worker had not retained me, the letter would’ve gone unchallenged and the QME doctor would never had received any information from the injured worker’s side of what happened to cause his injuries. Insurance companies are not there to help you, they are on the side of your employer and themselves. They want to pay as little as possible in the way of benefits, to you the injured worker.

The insurance company knows the law much better then you do. Retaining an attorney is so important. Injured workers need an experienced attorney who will work to protect your rights because there is no one otherwise who will protect you.

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