Rainy Days in the Work Place

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In California rainy days are not usually a huge issue, but storms can sometimes cause injuries that can be prevented. As we all know, Southern Californians are not known for their amazing rainy day driving techniques. It’s a running joke here that everyone breaks in Los Angeles when it starts to rain. In some case it’s pretty understandable. If we are always driving in sunshine, we are not usually too thrilled driver through the rain on a stormy day. With the dreaded El Niño coming our way, we have to prepare ourselves for the worst rainy days possible. Here are some rainy day driving tips to help you stay safe:
• Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely because the wet road will hinder you from slowing down
• Stay in same lane as much as possible
• Replace windshield wipers (at least once a year)
• Be sure to get your tires looked before the storm. They much be in good condition to avoid hydroplaning.
• Never drive through moving water. Your car may seem strong, but it can not be used a floatation device, so don’t risk it.
• Drive as slow and carefully as you can.
Stay safe everyone!

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