Who’s going to pay for my medical treatment?

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When you’ve been injured at work, your employer by law has to send you immediately for treatment for your injuries. If you’re seriously injured your employer will send you to a hospital but most injuries are treated at an industrial clinic that your employer sends you.

When you hire a lawyer to handle your workers’ compensation case, he will find an appropriate doctor that will treat you.  Your treatment can incur high medical bills. You may wonder how am I going to pay for the bills?  No need to be concerned, your employer by law must carry workers’ compensation insurance.  Your employer’s insurance company will pay for the medical bills, to help you recover from your workplace injury or illness. Treatment covered that is considered reasonably necessary to treat your injury such as – doctor visits, testing such as MRIs, x-rays, blood tests, medications, and travel to and from medical facilities.

If the insurance company ‘denies’ your case, the treating physician and medical facilities will file what is called a lien for later payment at the close of your case.  The medical providers will negotiate with the insurance company for payment.

If your case is ‘accepted’ and you’re seeing a physician within the insurance company network of treating physicians, your doctor will be paid while your case is still open.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will work closely with your doctor to ensure you are getting the right treatment for your injuries and fight to get you the treatment you need to treat your injuries if the insurance company denies your claim or particular treatment.

Remember your medical treatment must be paid for by your employer through their insurance company when you get hurt on the job whether or not you have to be off work due to your injuries.

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