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Are you struggling to file a workers’ compensation claim or appeal? I am Stephen Dial, a workers’ compensation attorney for more than 35 years.

Together with my professional team at Dial & Associates PC, I will help you get the medical treatment you need and the monetary support you have a right to receive after your injury or the loss of your loved one.

Representing Injured Workers In Southern California For Over 35 Years

My Law Firm’s Focus

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Faulty machinery, unsafe equipment, dangerous heights, repetitive motion, environmental toxins or workplace violence are some of the many causes of jobsite injuries. Let me help you get medical treatment and financial compensation.

Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF)

When you have pre-existing disabilities, it may be hard to find a job. Your employer can explore the benefits of California’s Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF). Let me help you find your way through this complex process.

From Start To Finish:
Streamline The Workers’ Compensation Process

Why hire a lawyer? When you engage an attorney for legal help, you will have a greater chance of receiving the benefits to which you are entitled than if you pursued the claim on your own. With the largest workforce in the nation, California has its own laws that govern workers’ compensation. These regulations can be confusing and hard to follow without legal assistance.

Whether you have a back injury from heavy lifting, a fall at work or because of a construction or industrial accident – or any other type of injury – contact me as soon as you can. I am an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim.

Here at Dial & Associates PC, my legal team and I have a successful track record streamlining the complex process for California workers in every industry from nurses, doctors, office staff, delivery truckers, forklift drivers, landscapers, amusement park employees, agriculture laborers, cleaners and more.


What Is The
Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF)? Do I Qualify?

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“Couldn’t have worked with a more professional firm. From beginning to end, Dial and Associates kept me updated and in the loop after every court appearance and any new information. I work full time and I really could not deal with the situation, and they knew this. I am so glad I didn’t need to put my life on hold throughout the whole ordeal. In the end, Dial and Associates fought for the compensation I was entitled to and I couldn’t be happier their services..


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Stephen Dial

My firm provides effective and aggressive representation for you and your loved ones. My reputation and history of successful litigation spans over three decades, focusing on Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) and workers’ compensation.

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