Can Clients Make or Break Their ​Own ​Case​?

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Can Clients Make or Break Their Own Case?

Sounds like  odd question, you hired a lawyer so your case is in his hands so all is well, right? Well yes and no.  Yes you hired your lawyer because he or she is experienced, knows the law and will use his experience and knowledge to win your case.  Your case is in his hands.   Yes, but not entirely.  What can a client do that is detrimental to his or her case?

No Surprises

Most importantly, is not being entirely truthful with your lawyer.  Unless your lawyer knows everything about your case, the good and not so good – the ugly, he is unable to give you the best representation.  Nothing harms you, the  client more than your lawyer finding out the ugly from the defense, far better coming from you, the client so your lawyer can know the best strategy for your case.  No case is perfect, so don’t be afraid to tell your lawyer the not so good stuff about your case. He is on your side.

If your case is a personal injury or workers compensation case, a way to break your case is not going to your doctor’s appointments.  With both personal injury and workers’ comp cases, your case is built on your medical evaluations. If you don’t see your doctor, your case won’t have much value. So go to your appointments and if for some unforeseen reason you can’t go, let your lawyer know so he can work with you to find the right doctor for your or to fit your schedule.

Your lawyer is on your side, he wants to get the very best outcome possible for your case, don’t break your own case.  Be upfront, attend your appointments and keep your lawyer informed.  The goal for your lawyer and you is to win your case. Don’t break your case, help your lawyer win.


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