Hiring an Attorney Is Critical

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If you’ve been injured on the job, you are entitled to submit a claim for workers’ compensation benefits from the state. In California, these benefits can include lost wages, medical treatment, and partial or permanent disability funds. You are much more likely to receive the benefits you deserve with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney than if you pursue the claim by yourself. By gathering evidence like medical records, safety reports, and eyewitnesses to your workplace accident to support your claim, an attorney can reduce the likelihood that your claims get denied by insurance providers.

Insurance companies often do all they can to avoid paying benefits to injured workers. Many are suspicious of workers’ comp fraud, when employees make fake or exaggerated claims to get benefits. Some companies refuse to pay benefits because it is not in their interest to lose money. Employers are also resistant to paying injured employees because their insurance premiums will rise as a result.

Protecting your rights, with or without papers

Workers’ comp attorneys, like Stephen Dial from Dial & Associates PC in Orange County, can also use their experience to recognize and expose instances when employers try to undermine injured workers’ claims. Sometimes employers make undocumented workers fearful of pursuing workers’ comp benefits by telling them they have no rights and threatening to fire them. Lawyers will protect your rights and fight dishonest claims from employers hoping to avoid paying benefits. If you are undocumented or don’t have health insurance at the time of the accident or illness, you can still qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. You needn’t worry about involving the state, because California law does not allow inquiry into immigration status in such circumstances.

Defending you from dishonest employers

Workers’ comp attorney Stephen Dial has more than 35 years of experience, and lawyers like him are skilled at recognizing when an employer acts unscrupulously. Some common examples of this behavior are when an employer: claims a worker’s injury is completely their own fault; fires an injured employee who has been cleared for work; gives the employee an unjustified negative performance review; claims the worker’s injuries were preexisting or occurred outside the workplace; or claim that an employee’s injuries no longer need treatment. Don’t allow a dishonest employer to take advantage of you—hire an attorney to receive your rightful benefits.

Appealing denied claims

If your claim has been denied, an experienced attorney can also appeal a claim to demand your benefits. Even with a denied claim, according to law in California, you can receive treatment for your injuries paid for by the state. Hiring an experienced attorney is your best chance to qualify for what you deserve. You can seek legal help from Dial & Associates PC in Orange County with or without papers. Stephen Dial is respected and trusted with more than 35 years of experience. Dial & Associates PC focuses on workers’ compensation cases and you can call anytime at 714-279-8055. Read more.


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